About Rob Vomund

I founded Vomund Photography in 2007 with the goal of serving large home builders with high quality photography of their new model homes.  Builders use these model homes to sell many more production homes.  I achieved this goal and I have photographed a lot of model homes!  I continue to do that and you can see my work at www.ModelHomePhotos.com.

But in the “earliest days,” when I was getting started,  I photographed just about everything, including senior portraits, sports, food, corporate events, nature landscapes and even a wedding or two.  It gave me good experiences and I learned what topics I enjoyed and, honestly, which I found to be stressful!

I'm not such a young guy anymore and, as I “ease back” my working hours just a bit, I am more focused on shooting subjects I most enjoy!  That is what I now do, and what I feature on this website.  This includes:

  • Pro & Amateur Sports
  • Corporate Events
  • Nature Landscapes
  • Local Landmarks
  • And, of course, Model Homes!
  • I also shoot some high school senior portraits, mostly for friends.


My Background

Prior to launching my photography business I was a 22-year marketing professional for a mid-sized software firm that served the building materials supply and DIY homeowner markets. In that role I used to hire photographers! Prior to that, I earned my degrees in Business Marketing and also Communication Studies from California State University, Sacramento.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, but have lived in El Dorado Hills since 1988.